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IELTS Listening Checklist 

Listening is one of four modules of IELTS and to help to achieve a higher score in it, here is the preparation checklist for it. Once you learn them, you can put a tick next to each point on the list. 

  • What is IELTS Listening
  • IELTS Listening Band Score Description
  • IELTS Listening Exam General Information
  • Learn Question Types Strategy, Tactics, & Analysis
    • Form Fill-the-Blank
    • Short Answer
    • Sentence Completion
    • Fill the bank in Table
    • Labelling Plan, Diagram, Flowchart or Map
    • Summary Completion
    • Multiple choice: Standard Multiple Choice
    • Multiple choice: completing a sentence
    • Multiple choice: choose two or more from a list
  • Improve Listening Skills
    • Learning how to predict the answer
    • Listening to a range of accents audio
    • Learn don’t lose your concentration
    • Read and follow the instructions carefully.
    • Practice Recognising Distractors
    • Practice Connected Speech
  • Improve Vocabulary
    • Keep Records of Wrong Vocubalaries in a notebook
    • Practice topic vocabulary
    • Learn Synonyms & Paraphrasing
    • Learn Directions and Locations
    • Language for describing processes
  • Listening Time Management.
  • Useful websites for IELTS Listening practice
  • Tools for Listening
  • IELTS Listening FAQs

To learn more about this checklist and further explanation and learn each checklist item, check out my new website www.IELTSvisa.com, YouTube video and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.

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