IELTS Academic Reading Checklist 

In order to achieve a higher score on academic reading, here is the preparation checklist for it. Once you learn them, you can put a tick next to each point on the list. 

  • What is IELTS Academic and General Reading
  • Band Score Description
  • IELTS Exam General Information
  • Learn Question Types Strategy, Tactics, & Analysis
    • Fill-the-Blank
    • Short Answer
    • True, False, Not Given
    • Standard Multiple Choice
    • Sentence Completion
    • Matching
    • Table and Diagram
    • Summary
    • Paragraph Location
    • Pick 2 or 3 From List
    • Heading
  • Improve Reading Skills
  • skimming
  • scanning
  • speed reading;
  • Identifying paraphrase, text and underline number and names
  • topic sentences
  • unknown words, use context
  • understanding patterns in a text
  • classifying
  • Improve Vocabulary and Grammar Skills
    • paraphrase practice
    • prefixes and suffixes
    • prepositional phrases; organizing words
    • forms with –ing; active and passive infinitives
    • verbs of change; processes
    • conditional practice;
    • sentence completion; useful expressions with if
    • collocation practice
    • positive and negative expressions; success and failure
    • describing groups
    • oppositions and contrasts; comparing and contrasting
  • Reading Time Management.
  • Useful websites for IELTS Reading practice
  • The Books to Improve Reading
  • Tools for Reading
  • IELTS Reading FAQs


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