IELTS Academic Reading Passage List

IDAcademic Reading Passage NameCategoryRecent Actual TestsTotal QsTotal Ans
1A Chronicle of TimekeepingScience13
2A decibel Hell (The Effects of Living in a Noisy World)Recent Actual Tests
3A History of Fingerprinting
4A little-known island community comes in from the cold
5A neuroscientist reveals how to think differently
6A New Ice Age
7A Remarkable Beetle
8A song on the brain
9A spark, a flint: How fire leapt to life
10A Theory of Shopping
11A Wonder Plant
12A Workaholic Economy
14Acquiring the principles of mathematics and science
15Activities for Children
16Advantages of public transport
17Adventures in mathematical reasoning
18Agriculture and Tourism
19Air conditioning
20Air pollution
21Air traffic control in the USA
22Airports on water
23Alfred Nobel: The man behind the Nobel Prize
24Alternative Medicine in Australia
25Amateur Naturalists
27An assessment of micro-wind turbines
28An Introduction to Film Sound
29Ancient Chinese Chariots
30Ancient Storytelling
31Andrea Palladio: Italian architect
33Animal minds : Parrot Alex
34Ant Intelligence
35Ants Could Teach Ants
36Approach to innovation
37Aqua Product: New Zealand ‘s Algae Biodiesel
38Architecture - Reaching for the Sky
39Art in Iron and Steel
40Art to the aid of technology
41Arthur Phillip College
42Artists’ Fingerprints
43Asian Space 2 Satellite Technology
44Assessing the risk
45Astronaut ice cream, anyone
46Attitudes to language
47AUSTON Health Centre
48Australian culture and culture shock
49Australia's biggest daily to find the selection of job ads
50Australia's sporting success
51Autumn leaves
52BAKELITE - The birth of modem plastics
54Being Left-handed in a Right-handed World
55BENTLEY Hospital Catering Service
57Beyond the blue horizon
58Beyond the blue line
59Bilingualism in Children
60Bingham Regional College
61Birds Migration
62Bondi Beach
63Book review on Musiccophilia
64Bright Children
65British Architecture
66California’s age of Megafires
67Can Scientists tell us: What happiness is?
69Can we hold back the Flood?
70Change in business organisationsEconomics & Business
71Changes in International Commerce How ethics and fair trade can make a differenceTechnology
72Changing our understanding of healthSports & Health
73Changing Rules for Health TreatmentSports & Health
74Children Tested to Destruction?Education
75Children with auditory problemsSports & Health
76Children’s Literature
77Children’s literature studies today
78Children's thinking
79Chinese yellow Citrus Ant for BIOLOGICAL CONTROL
80Climate Change and the InuitNature & Environment
81Collecting Ant SpecimensNature & Environment
82Collecting as a hobby
83Communicating Conflict!
84Communicating Styles and Conflict
85Communication in science
86Company Innovation
87Compliance Or Noncompliance For Children
88Computer Games for Preschoolers: Nintendo’s Research and Design Process
89Computer Provides More Questions Than Answers
90Consecutive and Simultaneous Translation
91Copy your neighbour
92Coral reefs
94Corporate Social Responsibility
95Cosmetics in Ancient Past
96Country Comfort Inn, Hunter Valley
97Crop-growing skyscrapersTechnology
98Crows Can be Craftsmen too
99Dark soil
100Decision making and Happiness
101Decision, Decision !
102Deforestation in the 21st centuryNature & Environment
103Delivering The GoodsEconomics & Business
104Density and Crowding
105Design the mat and Foot health
106Designed to Last
107Detection of a meteorite Lake
108Development of Public management theory
109Dino discoveries
110Dinosaurs and the secrets they still hold
111Dirty River But Clean Water
112Disappearing DeltaNature & Environment
113Do literate women make better mothers?Education
114Doctoring salesSports & Health
115Domestic robotsTechnology
116Early Childhood EducationEducation
117Early occupations around the river Thames
118Eco-Resort Management
119Educating Psyche
120EFFECTS OF NOISESports & Health
122Elnino and Seabirds
123Endless Harvest
124Entertainment activities
125Environmental ManagementNature & Environment
126Environmentally-Friendly! Vehicles
128European Heat Wave
129Examining the placebo effectSports & Health
130Extinct: the Giant Deer
131Facial Expression 1
132Father of modern management
133Finches on Islands
134Finding our way
136Flawed Beauty: the problem with toughened glass
137Flight from reality?
138Flying tortoises
139Food advertising on children
140Food for thought
141Foot Pedal Irrigation
142Fossil Files “The Paleobiology Database”
143Freya Stark, explorer and writer
145Fun for the Masses
146Geoff Brash
147Geothermal power for Britain
148Gifted children and learningEducation
149GlaciersNature & Environment
150GLASS - Capturing the dance of lightTechnology
151Global waeming: Prevent poles from melting
152Global Warming in New Zealand
153Global warming: Prevent poles from melting
155Going nowhere fast
156Gold dusters
158Great MigrationsNature & Environment
159Green virtues of green sandNature & Environment
160Green Wave Washes Over Mainstream ShoppingNature & Environment
161Grey Workers
162Greying population stays in the pinkEducation
163Griffith and American films
164Grimm’s Fairy Tales
165Have teenagers always existed
166Health in the Wild
168Here today, gone tomorrowNature & Environment
169Highs & Lows
170History of timekeeping
171Honey bees in trouble
172How Do Many Hearing-impaired People Talk?Leisure & Entertainment
173How does the biological clock tick?
174How Mobile Telephony Turned into a Health ScareTechnology
175How much higher? How much faster?Sports & Health
176How should reading be taught?
177How to run a… Publisher and author David Harvey on what makes a good management book.
178How to Spot a Liar
179How tsunamis are madeSports & Health
180Human remain in Green Sahara
181Humpback whale breaks migration recordNature & Environment
182Hunting Perfume in Madagascar!
184In Praise of Amateurs
185In search of the holy grail
186Indoor PollutionNature & Environment
187Information theory - the big ideaTechnology
188Inside the mind of a fan: How watching sport affects the brain
189Inside the mind of the consumer
190Inspired by Mimicking Mother Nature
191Intelligence and Giftedness
192Internal and External Marketing
193Is Graffiti Art or Crime
194Is Technology Harming our Children’s Health?Technology
195Issues Affecting the Southern Resident OrcasNature & Environment
196IT’S ECO-LOGICALSports & Health
197John Franklin: “the discovery of the slowness”
198Johnson's Dictionary
199Keep a Watchful Eye on the Bridges
200Keep taking the tabletsSports & Health
201Knowledge in medicine
203Lack of sleep
204LAND OF THE RISING SUNSports & Health
205Language diversityEducation
206Language Strategy in Multinational CompanyEducation
207Last man standing
208Leaf-Cutting Ants and FungusNature & Environment
209Learning by ExamplesEducation
210Learning color wordsEducation
211Learning lessons from the pastEducation
212Legal information on call
213Less Television, Less Violence and AggressionTechnology
214Let's Go BatsNature & Environment
215Life in an international orchestra
216Life-Casting and Art
217List of Courses at Canterbury College
218London Swaying Footbridge
219Longaeva: Ancient Bristlecone Pine
220Lost for words
221Magnetic Therapy
222Mail Order Brochure
223Makete Integrated Rural Transport ProjectEconomics & Business
224Making a change How easy is it for us to change our lives - and why?
225Making Copier
226Making Every Drop CountNature & Environment
228Malaria Combat in Italy
229Mammoth kill
230Man or Machine
232Martin Luther King
233Mau Piailug, ocean navigator
234Measures to combat infectious disease in tsarist Russia
235Measuring Organisational PerformanceEconomics & Business
236Mechanisms of Linguistic Change
237Memory and Age
238Memory Decoding
239Mental Gymnastics
240Micro-Enterprise Credit for Street YouthEconomics & Business
241Migratory BeekeepingNature & Environment
242Mind readers
243Moles happy as homes go undergroundTechnology
244Monkeys and Forests
245Motivating Drives
246Motivating Employees under Adverse ConditionsEconomics & Business
247Movie of Metropolis
248Mrs. Carlill and the Carbolic Smoke Ball
249Multitasking Debate
250Mungo Man
251Museum Blookbuster
252Museums of fine art and their publicLeisure & Entertainment
253Music : Language We All Speak
254Music and the emotions
255Mystery in Easter Island
256NATURAL CHOICE Coffee and chocolateNature & Environment
257Natural pesticide in India
258Nature or Nurture?
259Nature works for Nature Work PLA
260Neanderthals and modern humans
262New Agriculture in Oregon, US
263New Book Releases
265New Year’s resolution
266New Zealand Seaweed
267Numeracy: can animals tell numbers? (Can animals count?)
269Nurturing talent within the familyEducation
270Obtaining Linguistic Data
271Old Man of the Lake
272Optimism and Health
273Organic Farming and chemical fertilisers
274Organic food: why?Sports & Health
275Origin of Species & Continent formation
276OttersNature & Environment
277Out of Africa: Saharan Solar Energy
278Overcoming the language barrierEducation
279Painters of time
280Paper or Computer?
281Persistent bullying is one of the worst experiences a child can faceEducation
282Photovoltaics on the rooftop
283Plain English Campaign
284Plans to protect the forests of EuropeLeisure & Entertainment
285Plant Scents
286Play is a serious business
287Pollution! In the Bay
288Population movements and genetics
289Population viability analysisLeisure & Entertainment
290Pottery production in ancient Akrotiri
291Prehistoric Cave Paintings Took up to 20,000 Years to Complete
292Preserving Britain’s cultural heritage: to restore a legendary theatrical dress
294Psychology and personality ASSESSMENT
295Psychology of new product adoption
296Pulling strings to build pyramids
297Putting the brakes on climate change: Are hydrogen cars the answer?
298Quiet roads aheadNature & Environment
299Radio Automation
300Rain-forests and the implications for course designNature & Environment
301Rainwater Harvesting
302Raising the Mary RoseTechnology
303Reading in a whole new wayTechnology
304Reading practice test 8
306Recent research on humour
307Recovering a damaged reputationEducation
308Redio Automation forerunner of the integrated circuit
309Reducing electricity consumption on the Isle of EiggTechnology
310Reducing the Effects of Climate ChangeNature & Environment
312Remains of the pterosaur, a cousin of the dinosaur, are found on every continent. Richard Monastersky reports
313Renewable Energy
314Research using twins
315Researcher on the Tree Crown
316Restaurant advertisements
317Reviews of books
318Right and left-handedness in humans
319RISING SEANature & Environment
321Roller coaster
322Rubik’s Cube - How the puzzle achieved success
323Running on emptySports & Health
324Rural transport plan of “Practical action”
325Sand Dunes
326Satellite Technology
327Save Endangered Language
328Save the Turties
330Saving the British Bitterns
331Second natureNature & Environment
332Secrets of the Forest
333Seed Hunting
334Segway into the FutureSports & Health
335Sheet glass manufacture: the float process
336Sleep helps reduce errors in memoryEducation
337Smell and Memory: Smell like yesterday
339So you think humans are uniqueNature & Environment
340Some Facts and Theories about Flu
341SOSUS: Listening to the Ocean
342Soviet’s New Working Week
343Space: The Final Archaeological Frontier
344Spider silk 2
345Spoken Corpus comes to life
346Sport Science in AustraliaSports & Health
347Stadium AustraliaSports & Health
348Stealth Forces in weight loss
350Stress of Workplace
351Striking Back at Lightning With LasersNature & Environment
352Striking the right note
353Student Accommodation
354Student life at Canterbury College
356Sunset for the Oil Business
357Sustainable architecture - lessons from the antNature & Environment
358Sustainable growth at Didcot The outline of a report by South Oxfordshire District Council
360Tackling Obesity in the Western WorldSports & Health
361Talc Powder
362Tattoo on Tikopia
363Tea and Industrial Revolution
364Tea and the Industrial RevolutionLeisure & Entertainment
367Terminated Dinosaur Era
368Termite Mounds
370The 2003 Heatwave
371The accidental rainforestNature & Environment
372The Adolescents
373The Ant and the Mandarin
374THE ART OF HEALINGSports & Health
375The ballpoint pen
376The Beginning of Football
377The Benefits of Being Bilingual
378The birds of LondonNature & Environment
379The Birth of Scientific English
380The Bite That Heat
381The burden of thirst
382The Burgess Shale fossils
383The Cacao: A Sweet history
384The Climate Changers
385The Columbian Exchange
386The concept of childhood in the westerm countries
387The Concept of Role Theory
388The construction of roads and bridges
389The Context, Meaning and Scope of TourismLeisure & Entertainment
390The creation of lasting memories
392The Development of MuseumsEducation
393The Development of Plastics
394The Dinosaurs Footprints and Extinction
395The Dollar-a-Year Man
396The DolphinNature & Environment
397The dugong: sea cow
398The Earth and Space Foundation
399The economic importance of coral reefsNature & Environment
400The effects of light on plant and animal speciesNature & Environment
401The electric revolution
402The Exploration of Mars
403The Falkirk WheelTechnology
404The Farmers! Parade of history
405The five preinciples of Persuasion
406The Fruit Book
407The future never dies?
408The Future of fishNature & Environment
409The Game of Tennis
410The garbage problemNature & Environment
411The Great Australian Fence
412The happiest country in the world
413The harm that picture books can cause
414The History of Bicycles
415The History of building Telegraph lines
416The history of cakes at weddings
417The History of Early Cinema
418The history of glass
419The history of jeans
420The History of Pencil
421The History Of Salt
422The history of the guitar
423The history of the posterLeisure & Entertainment
424The history of the tortoiseLeisure & Entertainment
425The Impact of Environment to Children
426The Impact of the Potato
427The Impact of Wilderness TourismEconomics & Business
428The Ingenuity Gap
429The Intersection of Health Sciences and Geography
430The Invention of Television
432THE KIWINature & Environment
433The Lake Erie CanalNature & Environment
434The life and work of Marie Curie
435The life of the European bee-eaterNature & Environment
436THE LITTLE ICE AGENature & Environment
437The Lost City
438The meaning and power of smell
439The meaning of volunteeringEducation
440The megafires of CaliforniaNature & Environment
441The MIT factor: celebrating 150 years of maverick geniusEducation
442The Motor Car
443The Mozart Effect
444The Muscles in Our BodySports & Health
445The nature and aims of archaelogy
446The Nature of GeniusEducation
447The Need to Belong
448The new way to be a fifth-grader
449The origin of writing
450The Persuaders
451The polar bearNature & Environment
452The politics of pessimismSports & Health
453The Pompidou CentreLeisure & Entertainment
454The Power of Nothing
455The power of the big screenTechnology
456The problem of climate change
457The Problem of Scarce ResourcesEconomics & Business
458The psychology of innovation
459The Rainmaker design
460The reconstruction of community in Talbot Park, Auckland
461The Return of Artificial IntelligenceTechnology
462The Revolutionary Bridges of Robert MaillartNature & Environment
463The Rise and Fall of the British Textile Industry
464The risks agriculture faces in developing countries
465The Risks of Cigarette Smoke
466The rocket - From East to WestTechnology
467The Romantic Poets
468The Rufous Hare-WallabyNature & Environment
469The scientific method
470The Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence
471The Search for the Anti-aging PillSports & Health
472The secret of the Yawn
473The secrets of persuasion
474The Sound of Dolphin
475The story of silkNature & Environment
476THE SUNNature & Environment
477The Sweet Scent of Success
478The Triune BrainSports & Health
479The True Cost of FoodSports & Health
480The truth about lying
481The Truth about the EnvironmentNature & Environment
482The Value of a College Degree
483The value of research into mite harvestmen
484The vikings wayfaring way
485The water crisis
486The water hyacinthNature & Environment
487The way the brain buys
488The Week's Best
489THE WILD SIDE OF TOWNNature & Environment
490The World Wide Web from its originsTechnology
491The world’s friendliest city
492There has always been a sense in which America and Europe owned film
493This Marvellous Invention
494Thomas Harriot: The Discovery of Refraction
495Three ways to Levitate a Magic Carpet
496Tickling and Laughter
497Tidal PowerTechnology
498Timekeeper 2 Ivention of Marine Chronometer
499TITAN of technologyTechnology
500TourismLeisure & Entertainment
501Traditional Farming System in Africa
502Traffic Jams — No End in Sight
503Travel Accounts
504Trends and prospects for European transport systems
505Trends in the Indian fashion and textile industries
506TV Addiction 1
507TV Addiction 2
508Twin Study: Two of a kind
509Twist in the Tale
510UK companies need more effective boards of directors
511Undersea Movement
513Unexpected Benefits to Human Brain
514Using the Internet and CD-ROM databases in the Library
515Venus in transit
516Video game research
517Video Game's Unexpected Benefits to Human Brain
518Visual Symbols and the BlindEducation
519Volcanoes-earth-shattering news
520Vote For WomenEducation
521Voyage of going: beyond the blue line 2
522Walk for charity
523Water Filter
524Water Treatment 2: Reed Bed
525We have Star performers!
526Western Immigration of Canada
527What Are Dreams ?
528What are you laughing at?
530What destroyed the civilisation of Easter Island?
531What Do Whales Feel?
532What is a dinosaur?
533What Is a Port City?
534What is an ASBO
535What is an ASBO?
536What is speed reading, and why do we need it?Education
537What’s the purpose of gaining knowledge?
538Wheel of Fortune
539When evolution runs backwards
540When the Tulip Bubble Burst
541Which direction for a career?
542White mountain, green tourismNature & Environment
543Why are so few tigers man-eaters?Nature & Environment
544Why don’t babies talk like adults?
545Why pagodas don't fall downTechnology
546Why Risks Can Go Wrong
547Why some women cross the finish line ahead of menSports & Health
548William Gilbert and Magnetism
549William Henry Perkin
550William Kamkwamba
551Work and Travel USA
552World Ecotourism in the developing courtiers
553Worldly Wealth
554Young children's sense of identity
555Zoo conservation programmesNature & Environment

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