Part 1 of the IELTS Speaking Module – Interview/ Introduction section:

Examiner: Good morning. How are you today?

Candidate: I’m fine, thanks.

Examiner: Ok. Could you show me your identification, please?

That’s fine. Thank you.

Examiner: My name’s Julia. What’s your full name, please?

Candidate: My full name is Mahendra Patel. (As per your passport.)

Examiner: Which part is your first name?

Candidate: Mahendra is my first name.

Examiner: Which part is your last name/surname?

Candidate: PATEL is my last name/surname.


What do you prefer to be called? /

What would you like me to call you?/

What should I call you?

Candidate: You could call me Mahendra. [ Because it is easy to pronounce and remember.]
Examiner: Ok, Mahendra. Good. Where do you come from?

Candidate: I come from Townsville, which is located in the coastal area of North Queensland. It is a very vibrant city with more than 180000 population, and it is tropical city by weather.

More questions related to you

Examiner: How are you?
Candidate: I am well thank you. And yourself?

Examiner: How old are you?
Candidate: I am 41 years old. And, I was born in 1980.

Examiner:  Does your name have any special meaning?
Candidate: No, it does not have any another meaning of my name.

Examiner: Is your name important to you?
Candidate: Yes, of course, my name is vital for me because of its shows my personal identity.

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