IELTS Academic Reading Passage Information

The IELTS Academic Reading test consists of three passages with increasing levels of difficulty. The passages are taken from academic texts on a variety of topics, such as science, history, social studies, and literature. Each passage is approximately 700-900 words long and contains a range of question types, including multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, and short answers.

Test-takers have 60 minutes to complete the Reading test, and they are advised to spend approximately 20 minutes on each passage. The passages are designed to test a range of reading skills, including skimming and scanning, understanding vocabulary in context, identifying main ideas and supporting details, and understanding the structure and organization of a text.

In addition to the three passages, there is also a range of question types, such as matching headings to paragraphs, identifying information from diagrams or tables, completing sentences, and identifying the writer’s views or claims. Test-takers must be able to understand the nuances of the language used in the passages, as well as identify the author’s tone and purpose. The Reading test is designed to assess a test-takers ability to read and comprehend academic texts in English, which is essential for success in university courses and academic research.


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