The 21st century has begun. What changes do you think this new century will bring? Use examples and details in your answer.

The main topics in the essay can be summarized in the following bullet points: 

  • Changes brought by the 21st century
  • Historical progression of technology and human evolution
  • Anticipated acceleration of the pace of life
  • Integration of technology into daily life
  • Advancements in travel and transportation
  • Implants and microchips for information storage
  • Space travel and the possibility of Mars colonization

Model Answer

The 21st century is poised to bring about profound changes across various aspects of our lives, driven by technology, shifting demographics, and evolving societal values. This essay will discuss these changes, using examples and details to illustrate their impact. 

Technology stands at the forefront of these changes. Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are advancing rapidly, potentially reshaping the job market as some roles become automated. For instance, self-driving cars are emerging, which could revolutionize transportation and impact millions of jobs. 

Connectivity through the internet and smart devices is expanding, giving rise to the gig economy, where remote and flexible work opportunities abound. It also facilitates global communication and innovations like telemedicine, allowing doctors to treat patients from a distance. 

Demographically, the world is undergoing significant shifts. Developed countries face ageing populations, placing strains on healthcare and social welfare systems. Meanwhile, emerging economies have burgeoned youth populations, offering opportunities and challenges depending on their ability to provide education and employment. 

Societal values are adapting to global challenges, particularly climate change. This is driving a transition toward sustainability, evident in the growth of electric vehicles and green energy sources.  

In summary, the 21st century is marked by transformative changes. Technology will redefine jobs, connectivity will reshape work patterns, demographics will demand adaptation, and sustainability will become a priority. While these changes present opportunities for progress, they also require careful consideration of their consequences to ensure a positive and sustainable future.

Vocabularies: 20 Words

This table provides information about each word, including its type, meaning, pronunciation, root, related words, word family, synonyms, antonyms, and example sentences.

Word Type Meaning Pronunciation Root Related Words Word Family Synonyms Antonyms Examples
Profound Adjective Deep; intense pruh-found Profundus Deep, intense Profoundly (adverb), Profundity (noun) Deep, Intense Superficial The speech had a profound impact on the audience.
Transformation Noun A significant change trans-for-MAY-shun Trans-, Forma Change, Conversion Transform (verb) Change, Metamorphosis Preservation The transformation of the city’s skyline was remarkable.
Technology Noun Advancements in machinery tek-NOL-uh-jee Techne Innovation, Devices Technological (adjective) Innovation, Machinery Nature The rapid pace of technology development is astonishing.
Automation Noun Process performed by machines aw-tuh-MAY-shun Automaton Mechanization, Robotics Automated (adjective), Automate (verb) Mechanization, Robotics Manual Automation has improved efficiency in manufacturing.
Connectivity Noun The state of being connected kun-ek-ti-VI-tee Connect Networking, Linkage Connect (verb), Connected (adjective) Linkage, Network Disconnection The connectivity of our devices enables seamless communication.
Demographics Noun Characteristics of a population dee-muh-GRA-fiks Demos, Grapho Population, Statistics Demographic (adjective), Demographer (noun) Population, Statistics Homogeneous Demographics play a crucial role in marketing strategies.
Sustainability Noun The ability to be maintained suh-stey-nuh-BIL-uh-tee Sustinere Conservation, Eco-friendliness Sustainable (adjective), Sustain (verb) Conservation, Eco-friendliness Unsustainability Sustainable practices are essential for environmental protection.
Reshape Verb To alter the form or structure ree-sheyp Re-, Shape Modify, Reform Reshaping (noun), Reshaped (adjective) Alter, Modify Preserve The new regulations will reshape the industry.
Displacement Noun The act of moving something dis-PLAYSS-muhnt Displace Removal, Relocation Displace (verb), Displaced (adjective) Removal, Relocation Retention The displacement of refugees is a humanitarian crisis.
Gig Economy Noun A labor market characterized by short-term jobs gig E-kah-nuh-mee Gig, Economy Freelance, On-demand Gig Worker (noun), Gig Economy (adjective) Freelance, On-demand Traditional Employment Many people prefer the flexibility of the gig economy.
Globalization Noun The process of becoming worldwide gloh-buh-luh-ZAY-shun Globus Internationalization Globalize (verb), Global (adjective) Internationalization Localization Globalization has led to increased cultural exchange.
Telemedicine Noun Medical consultation via technology tel-uh-MED-uh-sin Tele-, Medicine Remote Healthcare Telemedical (adjective), Telehealth (noun) Remote Healthcare In-person visit Telemedicine allows patients to consult doctors from home.
Adaptation Noun The action of adjusting to change ad-uhp-TEY-shun Adaptare Adjustment, Modification Adapt (verb), Adaptive (adjective) Adjustment, Modification Inflexibility Adaptation is essential to thrive in a dynamic environment.
Sustainability Noun The ability to be maintained suh-stey-nuh-BIL-uh-tee Sustinere Conservation, Eco-friendliness Sustainable (adjective), Sustain (verb) Conservation, Eco-friendliness Unsustainability Sustainability practices help protect the environment.
Exponential Adjective Rapid growth ek-suh-PONEN-shuhl Exponent Swift, Accelerated Exponentially (adverb) Swift, Accelerated Linear The exponential growth of technology is astounding.
Eco-friendly Adjective Environmentally friendly EE-koh-FREND-lee Eco-, Friend Sustainable, Green Environmentally friendly (noun) Sustainable, Green Harmful Using eco-friendly products reduces environmental impact.
Proliferation Noun Rapid increase in numbers proh-LIF-uh-RAY-shun Proliferare Expansion, Growth Proliferate (verb), Proliferous (adjective) Expansion, Growth Reduction The proliferation of smartphones has changed society.
Prioritize Verb To give importance to pry-OR-uh-tahyz Prior Emphasize, Rank Priority (noun), Prioritization (noun) Emphasize, Rank Neglect It’s crucial to prioritize safety in all aspects of life.
Innovation Noun Introduction of something new in-uh-VEY-shuhn In-, Novus Creativity, Invention Innovative (adjective), Innovate (verb) Creativity, Invention Stagnation Innovation drives progress in technology and society.
Consequence Noun A result or effect KON-si-kwens Sequi Outcome, Result Consequential (adjective), Consequent (adjective) Outcome, Result Cause The consequences of climate change are becoming evident.

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