Useful tools for IELTS Listening practice

There are several tools that can be helpful for IELTS Listening practice. Here are some of the most useful tools:

  • Podcasts: Listening to English language podcasts can be a great way to improve your listening skills. There are many podcasts available on a wide range of topics, so you can find one that interests you.
  • TED Talks: TED Talks are informative and engaging presentations on a wide range of topics. Watching and listening to these talks can be a great way to improve your listening skills.
  • Audiobooks: Listening to English language audiobooks can help you improve your listening skills and develop your vocabulary. Choose books that are at your level and that interest you.
  • YouTube Videos: There are many YouTube channels that offer English languages listening practice, such as TED-Ed and BBC Learning English.
  • Language Learning Apps: Language learning apps, such as Duolingo and Babbel, often offer listening exercises as part of their courses.
  • Language Exchange Programs: Language exchange programs, such as HelloTalk and Tandem, allow you to practice your listening skills with native English speakers.
  • Zap Reader: Zap Reader is a speed reading tool that can also be used to improve your listening skills. It allows you to paste in text and then highlights and reads it to you at different speeds, helping you to practice listening and comprehension.
  • BBC Learning English – Listening: The BBC Learning English website offers a wide range of listening exercises and activities, including news reports, interviews, and discussions. The exercises are organized by level and topic, making it easy to find practice materials that are relevant to your needs.
  • English Listening Lesson Library Online: org is a website that offers a large library of free listening lessons for learners of English. The lessons are organized by level and topic, and each one includes audio, a transcript, and comprehension questions to help you practice your listening skills.

 By using these tools for practice, you can improve your listening skills and prepare for the IELTS Listening exam. Remember to practice regularly and focus on developing your vocabulary in a variety of contexts to maximize your score on the exam.


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